Monday, September 19, 2011

Music and Movie Mondays: Five documentaries

The Fog of War
An Errol Morris Oscar-winning stunner, this film is really just an interview of Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War.  Riveting.

Metallica:  Some Kind of Monster
The filmmakers spent two years with Metallica and chronicled, among other thing, the band's therapy sessions and hiring of a new bassist.  I'm not a Metallica gal but the voyeuristic joy of the movie is undeniable.

My Kid Could Paint That
An intriguing look at art, media culture, and making a documentary about people you've come to like.

Lake of Fire
I went back and forth on including this one.  It's...intense.  And certainly not a movie I'd want to watch a second time.  In fact, there were parts I couldn't (and didn't) watch in the first viewing.  That being said, it's an incredible piece of filmmaking.  It's also fascinating to watch something on a controversial topic where, at the end of the it, you don't know where the filmmaker stands. 

Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room
A fascinating inside look into one of the biggest corporate scandals in American history.  This film did a great job of explaining what happened and why it was such a big deal.

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