Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to our Grand Opening!

I'm Leslie, a lady in Austin, Texas, where I live with my husband, baby gal, and two pups.  You'll get to know all of us.   

I like a little structure, so this is what you'll find in my little corner of the internet:

Music and Movie Mondays 

I was going to call this one Mu-vies Mondays but, after a gentle eyebrow cock from my husband, decided against it.  So it's just boring old "Music and Movies Mondays."  New releases?  Old faves?  You'll find it all right here.

Tuesdays are for Traveling

My favorite spots.  My dream destinations.  I could go on and on and on.

Wishlist Wednesdays 

Can I please have this stuff?

$30 Thursdays 

Now this I can afford.

Fridays are for Families

With a six-month-old kiddo at home, it's a whole new world for me.  So let's chat about 
motherhood/wifedom/sisterville/daughterton.  (Really, this is just a ploy to get free advice.)

Wildcard Weekends 

Can you stand the suspense?

Now, seeing as it's Monday, let's start with our first edition of Mu-vies, er, Music and Movie Mondays
In honor of our inaugural post, everyone should take a listen to the lovely song from which this blog's title is taken--The Kinks' Days.  Play this at my funeral, please.

See you tomorrow!

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