Friday, October 7, 2011

Fridays are for Families: FaceTime

This post is probably a little out of date, but here goes.

I have to travel all the time for work--sometimes a week at a time--and it's tough being away from my family.  My babe is only eight months old, so it's not like we can chat on the phone while I'm gone.  So, we splurged and bought an iPad2 for the Facetime. 


Facetime is like Skype but it's SO EASY.  (Some of you might be thinking "Um, Skype is pretty easy, too."  But I'm a technology dinosaur. ;)) You just click on the app and dial either a Mac or another iPad2 or an iPhone and voila!  It's made my work schedule so much more bearable.

So thank you, Steve Jobs.  You've made my life so much better.  Rest in peace.

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