Monday, October 3, 2011

Music and Movie Mondays: In celebration of vinyl

Beau and I have become obsessed with our record player lately.  Is there anything better than sitting around, listening to records after the baby goes to bed?  I don't think so. 

Now, does it actually sound better?  Or does it just feel better?  Who knows.  Please don't make me do a taste test--if it doesn't actually sound better, I don't want to know.

Here are a few essentials for your vinyl collection:

Best live album ever recorded.  Hands down.

My favorite cover art ever.

Of course.

I love all things Otis.  Buy every album you can find.  Every single one.

Such a great live EP.  I wish I had been at that party!


  1. thx so much for your comment :)) if u want to keep in touch here is my facebook
    hope u enjoy the photos!
    <3 xx Sophie

  2. The second cover is nice. I like it too. Check my blog and let me know whether you like to follow each other.